health and education work

Involvement in work

Our teams will work with you to meet your clients needs. We have worked on may health and education sites and are always respectful of the end users who may be within close proximity to the build.

What you can expect from us

A dedicated team who is competent, qualified and willing to work with you to ensure the project goes to plan. In addition to this we have an admin team that support and add value to the work we do. Not only will you get quality carpenters but a supportive administration team who are always there to help and assist

Previous Clients

Smith’s carpentry has been fundamental in delivering health and educational projects to a high standard

We have been involved in the erecting of structure and beams at the National Star college in Cheltenham as well as the erection of Ty Aberdafen Brain injury unit in Morfa, Llanelli (Image can be seen above).

Health & Education timber erection specialists

Smiths Carpentry have played a pivotal role in the provision of timber erection in many Health and Education projects across the UK.

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